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MyExamCoach.com builds up solid knowledge which you can use not only while preparing and taking exams but also in your future study.

Who we are?

We are a group of tutors who have comprehensive experience in tutoring for different kinds of tests and exams. What we offer you is the result of many years of tutoring practice and examination help with students of all levels and abilities. The analysis of all possible mistakes the examinees make and the difficulties they face while preparing and taking this exam helped us create this course. Our methods are based on understanding the fact that every difficult problem is usually based on a set of simpler elements. To teach you how to recognise them and to see the relations is our primary goal.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create deep cooperation among students, parents, and tutors and to make SAT, SSAT and ISEE preparation stress free, reliable and successful.

Our Core Operating Principles

  • exam help
  • to value time and efforts the students spend on SAT, SSAT or ISEE test preparation;
  • to employ teaching principles from simpler to more difficult matters ;
  • to provide positive thinking;
  • to develop positive attitude to studying;
  • online class help
  • to give more knowledge and skills than you expect;
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